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Financial Planning & Investment Management

Upholding Our Fiduciary Duty
Begins With Understanding Your Personal Goals

To bring the most value to you, we’ve found that working together on a long-term basis is an effective way for us to help define and work toward your goals. Our team will regularly review and assess your personalized financial plan, offering suggestions and changes where we see fit.

By focusing first on developing and maintaining an effective plan, we can better work together to implement your goal-focused, tailored investment strategies. At least once a year, and likely more as you near and transition toward retirement, we’ll meet to discuss any relevant life changes or helpful insights we can use to keep your portfolio on track and in line with your goals.

What Does Financial Planning Look Like
At Baxter Investment Management?

To help give you a better idea of our comprehensive planning process, we’ve developed a sample financial plan. While your customized plan will be set in a similar format, each strategy and solution will be tailored to address your specific and unique needs.

 View Your Sample Plan