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Trusted By Investors Since 1924

Financial Freedom

Begins With Sound Financial Planning

Whether you’re planning for retirement or are looking to make a big purchase in the near future, our financial advisors can create a customized plan for your lifestyle and cash flow needs.

By coordinating with you and your other trusted professionals, we develop a comprehensive financial plan incorporating every aspect of your financial profile from tax obligations to estate plans and investment accounts.

Whatever your biggest financial concerns may be, we’re simply here to help.

Who Does Baxter Investment Work With?

Well-Established Individuals & Families

Whether you’re a multi-generational family just like us or a successful individual seeking guidance, we’re happy to help steer your financial process. We work with delegators looking to ensure their investment portfolio works in tandem with the rest of their financial picture as they prepare for life’s next big milestones - weddings, adoptions, homebuying, college, retirement and more.

Busy Professionals

As a C-suite executive or highly-skilled professional, you’re dedicated to your enterprise and deeply engaged. We can help rationalize your financial strategy, including your employer-sponsored plans and benefits in addition to investment accounts. Crucially, we can execute your plan to put more time back into your busy schedule.

Business Owners

You’re working hard building your business and its finances are intertwined with your own. We’re here to help guide both you and your business in the right direction, improving your employer-sponsored retirement plans for employees and developing an action plan for the eventual business transition and what lies beyond.

Sound Like You?

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