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With Baxter Investment Management

We believe managing risk is the key to successful wealth management. That’s why we’ve developed our entire investment philosophy on this principle, an investment philosophy that’s been tried, tested and perfected over 100 years and four generations of financial professionals.


Our Investment Philosophy At a Glance


Sometimes described as a “Core” or GARP (growth at reasonable prices) manager, our objective is to identify compelling values we believe will generate attractive returns on capital without undue risk.


We believe in a patient approach to investing, where individual stock selection is paramount, rather than sector or market timing.

Long-Term Growth

We invest where we believe the best opportunities lie for long-term growth, without constraints by style such as growth and value, or market capitalization.


We designed our rigorous and disciplined screening process to identify quality companies with strong balance sheets, consistent earnings growth, sound management and strong potential for long-term growth.

Focused On Preserving & Growing Your Wealth Now & Through Retirement

We’re committed to reaching your financial goals, here to help you focus on what lies over the horizon. As you enjoy the wealth you’ve worked hard to earn today, our team works to develop and deliver a tailored wealth management experience aligned with your goals for tomorrow.

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