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We’re Proud of Where We Began
And How Far We’ve Come


Nearly a Century of Bringing Disciplined Financial Planning to New England

2024 marks the 100th anniversary of Baxter Investment Management’s founding in 1924 as The Baxter International Economic Research Bureau! We believe learning a bit about our past leads to a better understanding of our current investment philosophy. Experience matters - our history spans four generations of the Baxter family and all kinds of financial markets.

  • 1899

    Founder William J. Baxter, Sr. was born in Worcester, Massachusetts.

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    Growing up, William was pragmatic, entrepreneurial and hard working. As a teen he worked selling newspapers in Boston — a business that, by the time he reached the age of seventeen, had become one of the largest wholesale and retail newspaper distribution businesses in Massachusetts. With the money he earned selling newspapers, he paid for his education at Clark University and Harvard Business School.

  • 1922

    William J. Baxter, Sr. graduates from Harvard Business School.

  • 1924

    William J. Baxter, Sr. founds the Baxter International Economic Research Bureau.

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    William founded this firm as a way to provide investors and businessmen with quality economic forecasting and advice. From an office located in the heart of the financial district in lower Manhattan, the firm advised thousands of investors through every conceivable market and political event, from the speculative prosperity of the 1920’s, to the crash in 1929; from the Great Depression through World War II and beyond.

  • Late 1920’s & 1930’s

    The Baxter International Economic Research Bureau provides economic data & advice to leading corporations of the day.

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    These included Johnson & Johnson, Gulf Oil, Colgate-Palmolive, Gillette, Woolworth, Union Carbide and E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company.

  • Post-War 1940’s & 1950’s

    William J. Baxter, Sr. publishes several well-known books on investing and the economy and sells over one million copies.

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    His engaging style and innovative, easy-to-understand approach to the subject of economics proved to be popular with readers.

  • 1957

    William J. Baxter, Jr. joins his father’s firm upon graduating from Columbia University School of Business.

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    While attending university, William J. Baxter, Jr. studied under renowned professor Benjamin Graham, the "Father of Value Investing," co-author of Security Analysis and author of The Intelligent Investor.

  • 1959

    The Baxter International Economic Research Bureau becomes known as Baxter Bros., Inc., an SEC-registered investment advisory firm and starts doing business under the name Baxter Investment Management.

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    During the 1950’s, the firm began to move away from economic forecasting and focused instead on offering clients individualized portfolio & asset management services.

  • 1989

    William J. Baxter III joins Baxter Investment Management.

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    Before joining the family firm, William J. Baxter III worked at another firm as a Wall Street securities analyst for several years. Today, Bill serves as the firm’s President and Chief Portfolio Manager.

  • 2024

    Baxter Investment Management turns 100.

By including the following companies: Johnson & Johnson, Gulf Oil, Colgate Palmolive, Gillette Safety Razor Co., Woolworth, Union Carbide, and E.I. Du Pont de Nemours & Co., Baxter is in no way implying that these companies are endorsing or recommending to use Baxter as an investment advisor. We are simply listing a few of the companies that have used Baxter’s services in the past.

Now That You Know a Bit About Our Past  We’re Excited To Be a Part of Your Financial Future

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